Kenshin Sites:
Destiny's Embrace - Nice looking site with tons of Kenshin pictures.
Battousai the Slasher - Great site with lots of information on Kenshin.

Elbereth's Rurouni Kenshin OVA Page - Contains summaries and in depth analysis of symbolism used in the OVA

Amie-Grand "Garaly" - Official Amie-Grand site with pictures of the Kenshin figures that they produced.

Other Cool Sites:

Sword Buyer's Guide - Excellent place for beginners looking for information on purchasing swords. This place has lots of reviews on Katanas, and teaches you what to look for when buying. They also have a store where you can buy Katana from them for great prices. Paul is a very friendly and helpful guy.

Berserk Statues -Site with an insane amount of pics for an insane number of berserk statues. How does this guy afford buying all of them? I couldn't afford half those statues even if I sold my car and took out a mortgage. Anyways, he has some good pics of the 1/8 Amie-Grand Kenshin statue there too.

Cody's Coop -Inspirational site that can help you get started on modelling plastic and resin kits.

Shops and Auction Sites:

Toys Logic -My favourite place to buy figures.

Hobby Search - A hobby store in Japan with a huge detailed database on past and current products.

Hobby Link Japan -Another hobby store in Japan