Recommended Games

Here are some computer and console games that Kenshin fans would enjoy:

Jedi Knight: Jedi Outcast and Jedi Academy (PC)

What does a Star Wars game have to do with Kenshin? Well, it turns out lightsaber combat in this game is really fun, and quite similar to sword fighting. The developers created a combat system where players can actually control the direction, speed and power of every swing. It was a complex system that was difficult to master, but made the game incredibly fun to play online.

Novice players could be disposed of in one or two slashes, while skilled players would fight to the death in epic duels that required strategy and patience to win. Load up the samurai mod, and your lightsaber is replaced with a katana, your character model becomes a samurai, and the location switches from Death Star to feudal Japan. I really felt like a Rurouni, traveling from server to server, dueling everyone in search of strong opponents.  

Apparently, I wasn’t the only one reminded of Kenshin while playing this game, since there was actually a mod called RK: Redemption, that would convert Jedi Knight into a full fledged Kenshin game. Unfortunately, the mod was never released and the site isn’t even up anymore.
Personally, I enjoyed Jedi Outcast more than it’s sequel, Jedi Academy. The combat in Outcast was more balanced, and didn’t rely so much on scripted moves.

Kengo: Legend of 9 (Xbox 360)

This game has gotten pretty horrible reviews, mostly due tothe boring and tedious single player missions. I actually had a lot of fun with this game in versus mode. You can pick one of nine legendary Samurai, from Musashi to Okita, and duel it out with the computer or a buddy.

The combat system has a lot of depth, with multiple stances and a parrying system that is essential to gameplay. You also need to keep an eye on your stamina as well, unless you want to risk getting yourself executed by your opponent in a very cool animation. It’s too bad that there is no actual online dueling with this game, because I don’t know anyone else in person who actually plays this game.



Rurouni Kenshin: Enjou! Kyoto Rinne (PS2)

This Kenshin game follows the much beloved Kyoto story arc. You battle your way through Kyoto with your chosen character, running into familiar enemies along the way, until you finally reach Shishio for an epic showdown. The game did a great job of making it feel just like the anime, with great character animations and authentic voice acting.

The combat is loads of fun, as the characters have all their trademark moves, although some fights drag on a bit too long. I have very fond memories of facing Soujiro as Kenshin. I was down to my last slither of health, and Soujiro had gone insane and was warping all over the place with his insane speed. He was getting ready for his final attack, but at the last second, I pulled an Amakera Ryu no Hirameki just as he was warping in, ending the grueling battle.

Unfortunately, this game is only in Japanese, but it wasn’t too hard to play through it without knowing what anything said.

Way of the Samurai 2 (PS2)

This game was a lot of fun, running around a feudal Japanese town as a samurai looking for adventure. The combat was satisfying with many different swords and styles, and the choices you make during the game would determine the ending. This was one of my favorite PS2 games. I can’t wait for Way of the Samurai 3 to be translated to English.