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Megahouse Kenshin Figure Has Arrived!

Posted by Sanjuro 
Megahouse Kenshin Figure Has Arrived!
July 07, 2011 08:26PM
My new Megahouse 1/8 Kenshin Figure arrived today, so I thought I'd post a short review and lots of pics!

The first thing I noticed was that the box was pretty small for a 1/8th figure. When compared to my 1/8 Megahouse LeLouch, Kenshin seems to be a scale lower. Kenshin comes with a sword, a stand, an extra head, and an extra hairpiece. The two heads are of the younger Hitokiri Battousai, with one scar, and a more mature Himura Kenshin with the cross shaped scar. Each head has a front hair piece, a face, and a back hairpiece. An extra back hairpiece can be used to give Kenshin shorter hair. So there is a total of 2 front hair pieces, 2 faces, and 3 back hair pieces, though the two front hair pieces appear to be the same. This allows for 6 possible combinations depending on your preference.

The extra head and hairpieces are the only extras, and the rest of the figure is pretty static. There is a sword, but it does not fit into the sheath unfortunately. Painting and detail wise, the heads are nicely detailed, but the body is pretty plain. I think the body sculpt could have had a sharper sculpt, and more painted detail.

The stand is pretty cool, with a dragon printed in black on a red background. I think the version with the red shirt has inverted colors.

All in all, pretty good figure, but I was expecting the same level of awesomeness that Megahouse delivered for their LeLouch figure. It's still probably the best plastic Kenshin figure, but also the most expensive at around 70 USD. The Kenshin Resin figure is still an order of magnitude better, but those are really hard to find, so this is a good alternative. Besides, it's pretty awesome they released a figure for a series that ended over 10 years ago. As Kenshin regains popularity in this new generation with new video games,new animated features, and a rumored live-action movie, I look forward to seeing even more figures in the near future.

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