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Kenshin OVA Blu-ray Release!

Posted by Sanjuro 
Kenshin OVA Blu-ray Release!
May 07, 2011 10:24PM
Great Scott! It appears that our prayers have finally been answered, and the Kenshin OVA is going high definition with a Blu-ray release on August 24th! Not a whole lot of information is available at the time, just that it's being released by Aniplex at 8400 yen, which is about 100 USD. All four chapters are going to be on 1 disc, and I really hope they don't give it the director's cut treatment they gave the DVD. For those that haven't seen the DVD director's cut, it had superior transfer quality, but they cut out a bunch of the music, mixed up the tracks, and also cropped the frames quite poorly.

I would prefer them to keep the music the same as the original, and do a proper widescreen release this time around. This might be hard because of the source material, but I would rather see a letter-boxed 4:3 release than a badly cropped 16:9 release. At about 100 USD I hope they'll get it right the first time around! I'm not sure why media costs about 3x more in Japan than North America, but I decided to pre-order a copy and I will post a review of it once I get it. Since ADV is now closed, I don't know when or if a North American release will happen. I guess I will be watching the OVA without subtitles for a while, but that should be okay since I've seen it enough to know most of the lines.

I ordered from amiami, as I've had a great experience with them in the past, and their prices are always competive. Here is a link. They are also releasing the Kenshin Movie, and the second OVA, but I won't be getting those.

The new Kenshin Megahouse figure is looking great, and comes with two swappable heads: A Rurouni head and a Battousai head. There is the normal red version, and a limited blue version. Of course, I'm going with the blue version, and putting the Battousai head on it.

I also ordered it from amiami here. Kenshin is going to look awesome next to my Megahouse Lelouch! Too bad I have to wait till June for him to arrive.

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