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Massive Update

Posted by Sanjuro 
Massive Update
November 28, 2010 05:43PM
So it's been over a year since my last update. I guess I've been saving up for one big update!

In the past couple months, I managed to acquire my dream cel and my dream katana. It's funny how a 2 hour anime I watched 7 years ago still has such a huge influence on me today. It's weird to think how different things would be if I hadn't watched Kenshin. I certainly wouldn't be collecting cels, swords, or statues.

I've updated the Katana section with a review of the Hanwei Tori Elite, and updated the Cel section with my newest addition. There is also a new anime out that focuses on the Shinsengumi. It is called Hakuouki, and it has some very nice character design and artwork.

There are rumors of a live action Kenshin movie out there, but I haven't come across anything concrete. I'm not sure how I feel about a live action Kenshin movie. Since the majority of Kenshin fans prefer the light-hearted version in the manga and tv series, I would think that any live action movie would be along those lines. But it would be impossible to capture such a long running series in one two hour movie. The only way I could see a live action movie succeed is if they did a retelling of the events from the first OVA. This would keep things concise, realistic, and stand-alone.

While I was looking for info on the moive, I stumbled on amazing music video for a song called Kagen no Tsuki by Domoto Koichi. I guess he was a huge Kenshin fan too, because his video is basically one big homage to the Kenshin OVA. I've uploaded the video, so be sure to check it out!

I will be updating the figure section after finals, and posting scans of the Kenshin OVA cd that I got. Till then.

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