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figure's Kenshin

Posted by Magali 
figure's Kenshin
March 14, 2011 12:06PM
I'm Magali, i'm a french woman who is fan of Kenshin and I'm looking for the Kenshin figure.
And I already have the 3 others. If you want i can send you a few photos of Tomoe, Saito and Okita.
Yours faithfully
Re: figure's Kenshin
March 17, 2011 07:32PM
Hi Magali,
Thanks for visiting my site!
It took me a while to find the Yamato Kenshin OVA figure. They pop up on ebay from time to time, but go for quite a bit. I am in Canada, but I had to buy it from a seller in France several years ago since it was so rare.

Sure, I would love to see your pictures! My email is seijuro at gmail dot com.

There is a new Kenshin figure that they are taking pre-orders for now. The Battousai version is actually limited edition, so it would be wise to pre-order. I pre-ordered from amiami and they are great and have the best prices.
Re: figure's Kenshin
March 24, 2011 05:29AM
hey !!! I have already found my figure of Kenshin!!!! on Ebay and I am really really happy !!!!!!!
Re: figure's Kenshin
March 26, 2011 11:01AM
Congratulations, Magali!
Now you have a complete set!
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