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Kenshin's scar

Posted by ScarredSwordHeart 
Kenshin's scar
February 14, 2010 07:18PM
Iizuka told Kenshin his scar would never go away as long as Akira's ghost held a grudge against him. I think though that he did this to mess with Kenshin's mind. I think what made the scar keep bleeding was Kenshin's own feelings of guilt, rather than some supernatural grudge.

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Re: Kenshin's scar
February 14, 2010 08:10PM
Hi ScarredSwordHeart,
Welcome to the forums!
I think you're right about the scar.
Kiyosato didn't seem like the type of person who would carry a grudge. He just wanted to live so he could see Tomoe again. His will to live was so strong, that he marked Kenshin both emotionally and physically, and I guess in a sense, Kiyosato lived on in that scar.

As a result, Kiyosato got his wish to see Tomoe again. In the end, Kiyosato reappeared in front of Tomoe before she died. And while Tomoe was dying, she finally re-united with Kiyosato by living on as scars on Kenshin.

Kiyosato and Tomoe both left their marks on Kenshin, but IMO there wasn't any ill will. Rather, the emotional marks that Kiyosato and Tomoe left actually prevented Kenshin from embracing a lifetime of slaughtering, and the cross shaped scar is a physical, symbollic representation of that.

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Re: Kenshin's scar
January 18, 2011 06:37AM
I agree. I think Sanjuro here pretty much said it all...>sad smiley Dammit sanjuro, i have nothing else to say...GRRRR!
Re: Kenshin's scar
February 05, 2011 12:05PM
Been a Rurouni Kenshin fan since I was 10 .its been 8 years and I still love it.....
Re: Kenshin's scar
February 07, 2011 03:28PM
Haha, sorry Moose!

Light, it's a great time to be a Kenshin fan right now. They are renewing the franchise will all sorts of figures and psp games, and rumors of a movie and more animated material coming out soon!
Re: Kenshin's scar
May 05, 2012 02:06PM
Wow! Been a while since I posted here!

Anyway, I'm excited about all the new projects for RK, though I was bitterly disappointed by Shin Kyoto Hen, which I see as a wasted opportunity to animate the Jinchuu Arc.

I'm pinning all my hopes on the live action film now.
Re: Kenshin's scar
October 08, 2012 08:59PM
I'm hoping that Jinchuu Arc will one day come out as anime simply for the fact it would complete the series and give some resolution. I'm sort of disappointed with some of the last few anime and considering that I was bitter from Reflections, which wasn't even canon in my view of the series.

As for Kenshin's scar, I agree whole heartedly with what was said considering that Kenshin himself believed he carried on because Tomoe wanted him to live and also find someone who truly loved him as she had learned to love again. I think as I see it, she was hoping for Kaoru to come along, though I think even in the series, it even noticed that Kenshin fell in love with Kaoru at first sight. That's a lot to say with the fact he can see a lot of spirit in someone and love them, even though Kaoru hit him and also scares him too.
Re: Kenshin's scar
January 07, 2013 04:34PM
So, anyone here see the movie yet? I noticed in the movie that Kenshin sees Tomoe crying over Akira's body when he returns to the scene of the "crime" the next day. If Kenshin sees Tomoe mourning, doesn't that dramatically change his background?

Ken wa kyoki. Kenjutsu wa satsujinjutsu.
Rurouni Kenshin - Ginger and Jasmine

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Re: Kenshin's scar
January 12, 2013 09:20PM
Yeah, the movie was pretty good. I liked the assassination scene although it would have been better with the music from the OVA grinning smiley
I don't think Kenshin saw her face the whole time, just that there was someone mourning. He might not recognize her the next time they meet. I'm hoping they will tell that story in the next movie, since Kenshin explains the origins of the scar but we never see Tomoe completing the cross shaped scar.
I really think the should have included Aoshi in the story instead of the made up ninja guy. Hopefully he will be in the next movie.
Re: Kenshin's scar
March 29, 2013 03:23PM
I kind of disagree. I don't think we should just ignore what Iizuka said, but what you're saying isn't fully wrong either.

Essentially, that scar was made with the hatred of Kiyosato's sword for dying and leaving Tomoe behind. Hence, the part about a wound with a strong resentment keeping open is believable from Iizuka, because at the time the wound was made, hatred would've been an emotion on that sword. It's not that Kiyosato's grudge continued in his spirit, it's that his grudge at the time was transferred into the wound.
And here's where the part about Kenshin's guilt comes it. Every time Kenshin killed, his wound would bleed. Because every time he killed, he would be reminded of his doings, feel guilt, and the hatred festering in the wound would be once again in his mind.

That is, until Tomoe showed up. When he was with her, he was able to move past the Hitokiri side of him, which is why his wound never bled when she was around - she was his sheath - she calmed his soul.
And because while he was with her he didn't feel like a hitokiri, he wouldn't be reminded of destroying people's lives, and wouldn't be reminded of killing Kiyosato and his hatred, so the wound wouldn't bleed.

Which is why the last scene is so important. Kenshin is about to be offed by Tatsumi, but Tomoe can't move due to her own guilt over loving the man who killed her fiancee. However, Kiyosato himself absolves her of that guilt by symbolically showing her that all he wanted was for her to be happy, and if she was happy with his assassin, he wouldn't put any blame on her, or desire for revenge, and if living with and saving Kenshin was what made her happy, he wouldn't bear any ill will to that.

Which is why after that she immeadiately exploited the opportunity to save Kenshin when before she couldn't move.

And why he crosses the line of hatred on his face. Her intent on crossing his scar is not something malicious like revenge(as one of the movie's themes is that revenge won't get you anywhere, Kiyosato even showed her that), she's showing him that she forgives him for murdering Kiyosato because he was able to show her how to be happy again, essentially, she neutralizes the hatred in the scar with her feelings of love for Kenshin. The first scar is represents the hatred of a destroyed happiness, the curse of the hatred of that moment, and the cross is Tomoe's feelings of her new happiness, neutralizing the hatred, she's showing him her forgiveness and her happiness, and her love of him at the same time.

That's generally the interpretation people get of why Tomoe crossed the line in Kenshin's face. Even the dub seems to acknowledge this by calling it her final gift to him.
Re: Kenshin's scar
March 29, 2013 03:35PM
Oh, I forgot to say, but what really makes this interpretation the most solid is the fact that Kenshin's scar never bleeds again after Tomoe crosses it.
Re: Kenshin's scar
July 01, 2013 03:18PM
The vertical scar represents hatred while the horizontal one represents love.
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