Animation cels are one of a kind transparencies that have been inked and hand painted by professional artists at an animation studio. They were used in the production of anime before computer animation became standard in the industry. Cels of popular series become rare and collectable pieces of artwork, and I've been lucky enough to get a few from the Kenshin OVA.

Kenshin - Custom Background

This is my dream cel. It is one of my favorite images of Kenshin, and I had been using this image on my xanga before I even knew what cels were. Years after I closed my xanga, I created this page. And I somehow ended up using the same picture for the menu without realizing it. And now I have it framed on top of my computer desk.

The color is very vivid in this cel, and the blood running down his cheek provides great contrast. This is the best profile shot of Kenshin I’ve seen. The realism and detail in this cel remind me why I love the OVA so much.

Tomoe - Unmatching Background

This cel is from the scene where Tomoe is washings things in the river, right before Enishi makes an appearance. I really like how vibrant the colors are in this cel.